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Debunking Natural Hair Myths

When you're first starting off as a natural, it's easy to get confused. There are so many myths floating around the curly hair community on social media. Today, we’re going to debunk four major myths that most people fall for. Keep on reading so you don't fall for any of these.
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How to Determine Your Hair's Porosity & Density

“Porosity” and “density” are terms that you constantly hear being used in the natural hair community. But do you know what these terms mean and why they’re important? Porosity is your hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. Density is the number of strands that are growing out of each squar...
Starting Your Curly Journey? Follow These 10 Tips

Starting Your Curly Journey? Follow These 10 Tips

February is the month of LOVE 💜 and YOU are the most important person to fall in love with! Loving yourself is part of your personal self-care journey and the transformation to stepping into your best hair and self. Here are some of the tips that helped us start our journey to love and embrace ou...
Winter ❄️ Scalp Care and Styling Tips 🧖🏼‍♀️ for  Curly Hair

Winter Scalp Care and Styling Tips

Cold season is here! Though we love wintertime, we still have to admit it's the harshest period for curly hair. Don't let your hair become a victim of this cold weather, keep on reading to discover our scalp care and styling tips.
Wash & Go Using DN Organics 💜

Wash & Go Using DN Organics 💜

  IG TV template by Nicol Varona   Hola Familia 👋🏼 Today I’m sharing my wash & go routine along with my favorite application techniques using DN leave in and DN gel (coming soon) ✨ Step 1 - Apply DN leave in on wet hair and rake it inStep 2 - Squish to condish (this helps your curls abso...