A tribute to our abuelas during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A tribute to our abuelas during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are dedicating this blog post to our abuelas (grandmothers) Teresa and Socorro. We were both named after them and sadly lost them both due to cancer. Nicol’s middle name is Teresa, and Cory came from Socorro’s name shortened. We actually never met Socorro, our maternal grandmother. She passed away from breast cancer only months before Cory was born. Teresa, our paternal grandmother, passed away from Ovarian cancer while we were both in college. In this blog we share and celebrate their stories because they are beautiful and inspirational.

Teresa and Socorro were both born in small rural towns in the Dominican Republic (DR). Teresa is from Cotui, the northern part of the island and Socorro from Ocoa, southwest of DR, and a beautiful destination we will soon be talking a lot more about. They were both hard working entrepreneurs. Both very resourceful women who took care of their families and to this day inspire both of us to be the best version of ourselves. Since we didn’t meet Socorro (pictured on the left) the stories we know were told by our mom. She owned a small colmado, a convenience store, with our grandfather and used to make dulces Dominicanos, candies, to sell in her barrio. Teresa (pictured on the right) was a multi-talented woman, she had a hair salon, used to sell ice (back then electricity was not as stable so selling ice was a commodity) and artesian ice cream in a bag. Teresa didn’t know it, but she was also a curandera. She used to make homemade remedies for hair and skin.

We take pride in our ingredients and formulations, so they don’t compromise our health. Cancer has deeply affected our family and we make sure everything we include is safe and healthy to use for any age. Our motto is to be “Claro”, clear beauty, with ingredient transparency and products that do what they say. We would do anything for both of our abuelas to know that we designed natural and clean products for curly hair. They would have been very proud. We know they are looking down on us and protecting our family. It is so important to remember and highlight the stories of the women who have shaped us and celebrate them and all their contributions.

Do you have a special member of your family who left too soon but whose legacy needs to be remembered? Celebrate them and share their story with the world. We hope you enjoyed reading this story about our abuelas. Take time to be with those you love because the memories you create will be cherished forever.

Cory and Nicol

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