Our Small Business Reflections for 2022

Our Small Business Reflections for 2022

The holidays are here, and we are feeling grateful for another year in business. We are excited to celebrate with our familia. This year we took on a big project (more on this soon) that has transformed our business. We are closing out 2022 with our reflections for this pivotal year in business.

  1. Invest in yourself - Investing in you means you are investing in your business long term.
  2. Learn from experts - Talk to experts in your industry. They will share great insights that will help you grow.
  3. Put yourself in new rooms - You never know who you will meet. Relationships are the most important part of having a successful business. Thanks to our mentor Sandra, founder of Nopalera, for encouraging us.
  4. Build your network - Your network is one of your biggest assets. The more people that know about you and your ideas the more you will grow.
  5. Don’t be afraid to pivot - Challenges and roadblocks will occur. It’s ok to change plans. It will end up improving your processes in the long run.
We wish you all the best holidays with your friends and family. Enjoy the time with your loved ones. Thank you for being part of our familia. Cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023!

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  • Posted by Rita Guthrie on

    Hello Nicol & Cory- You are so right in your statement, “Relationships are the most important part of having a successful business.” I met you through my involvement in various networking and entrepreneurial groups such as LaunchBox Ladies at Penn State Lehigh Valley and 1 Million Cups at Northampton Community College’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We had a chat and connected via social media. I tried and loved the samples (both the Styling Gel and the Curls Leave-In) and have been using them ever since. You also provided me with samples to distribute among my curly/wavy friends and family, several of whom have become fans.

    I am starting work on my third collaborative book that features local business owners. The theme of this one will will be family businesses. Let’s chat.

    Rita Guthrie
    owner | idea lady
    Open Door Public Relations

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