Wash & Go Using DN Organics 💜

Wash & Go Using DN Organics 💜


IG TV template by Nicol Varona


Hola Familia 👋🏼 Today I’m sharing my wash & go routine along with my favorite application techniques using DN leave in and DN gel (coming soon) ✨

Step 1 - Apply DN leave in on wet hair and rake it in
Step 2 - Squish to condish (this helps your curls absorb the product in)
Step 3 - Apply DN gel to seal everything in (this is optional but helps to make curls last longer with the gel cast)
Step 4 - Part you hair and air dry or diffuse (I diffuse for more volume and less frizz)
Finally SOTC (scrunch out the crunch or cast) and enjoy your curls ✨ Have a great weekend 🥳 Xoxo, Nicol

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