4 easy tips for the best summer curls

4 easy tips for the best summer curls

Summertime is upon us! Almost time to go to the beach or enjoy a fun pool day. Sounds amazing right? With the changing weather let’s not forget to take care of your skin and hair. Here are 4 easy tips to keep your curls poppin’ during the summer.

Wet your hair: One easy curly hair tip for those who love pool days is to wet your hair with water before jumping into the pool. This will help prevent too much absorption of chlorinated water. You can also protect your hair with a leave-in-conditioner. Use a spray bottle with water and add about a quarter of DN Organics, Ultra-Defined Leave-In. Spray your curls with this mix to protect your hair as it dries in the sun. This tip also applies to beach days for easier detangling when you wash your hair.

Turn down the heat: If you are a diffuser fanatic like Cory and Nicol, use the summertime to air dry your curls a bit more. We especially love the DN Organics Ultra-Defined Styling Gel during the hot summer months. We pair it with the Leave-in and the gel helps keep the curls poppin' all day long. 

Try different hairstyles: Curly hairstyles are so fun especially when you want to stay cool during warmer days. Get creative by using headscarves, cute hair accessories and summer hats. Rock different hairstyles without having to re-style your curls every time. Plus, this protects your curls and scalp from direct contact with the sun.

Keep your body hydrated: Hydration!!! Yes, we know. You read about it everywhere. We cannot emphasize the importance of hydrating both your body and hair. If you notice your curls are a bit drier than normal, ask yourself. Am I drinking enough water? Try challenging yourself to drink a few extra cups of water each day for a week. You'll see a change in your skin and hair. We pinky promise.

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