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Debunking Natural Hair Myths

When you're first starting off as a natural, it's easy to get confused. There are so many myths floating around the curly hair community on social media. Today, we’re going to debunk four major myths that most people fall for. Keep on reading so you don't fall for any of these.

Myth 1: Dirt makes your hair grow
This is the biggest and most harmful natural hair myth. No matter what hair type you have, dirt will not make your hair grow! Everyone needs a fresh and clean scalp in order for the natural oil (sebum) to flow down from the scalp all the way to your ends. No oil compares to the oil your body creates, it strengthens and moisturizes like no other. That's why it's important to avoid packing your hair and scalp with heavy oils and butters. Just keep everything clean to allow the natural oil to come out; we promise that this will boost your hair growth, not dirt!

Myth 2: All heat is bad
Heat itself isn’t bad and it will not ruin your curl pattern if used properly. Heat actually plays a role in length retention. Do you have to blow-dry and flat iron your hair on a regular basis? No, you don't if you don't want to. However, you still need to dry your hair even if you're wearing it in its curly state. Why do you need to do this? Walking around with wet or damp hair and "air drying" can cause damage because your hair isn't fully dry and your hair is weakest when it's wet. Hair that isn't fully dry can break off faster and be more vulnerable to harmful environmental factors. Just use a diffuser or hooded dryer to avoid this issue.

Myth 3: Natural hair needs “protective styles”
While protective styles like wigs, weaves, and braids with extensions are great, they aren’t necessary for growing long, healthy curls. In fact, some of these “protective styles” can cause damage to your hair if left in too long or installed improperly. Your ends don’t have to be tucked away to retain length. You can wear your real hair out and retain length, just make sure that your ends are properly moisturized and sealed.

Myth 4: Shrinkage automatically means your hair is healthy
Just because your curls are popping and you have shrinkage does not mean your hair is healthy. Keep up with your trims! You should be trimming or dusting your ends every 8-10 weeks to prevent split and unhealthy ends. Remember, curly hair hides flaws so it may look good in its natural state but if you ever decide to blow-dry or straighten it, the true condition of your hair will show.

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