36 week pregnant (second pregnancy)

From Preeclampsia Scare to A Healthy and Safe Second Pregnancy 💜

Hola Familia 👋🏼 I want to share a bit of my pregnancy story and one of the many reasons that inspired me to learn about clean beauty and formulations. In 2016, when I was pregnant with my son Elijah I thought I was going through a normal pregnancy. Until about the 5th month, when I started to swell like crazy and felt weird around bed time. I felt like my heart was racing and had very bad headaches. Back in 2016, I did not have a healthy life style. My diet was not the best, although I wouldn’t say it was the worst either. But one thing that I know I did not care too much about was what I was putting on my body and hair. I experimented with bunch of crazy hair treatments and hair color. I never really thought about the side effects those chemicals could have on my body. In addition, I did not really care about personal care products, well, let’s just say I bought whatever smelled the best and was the cheapest price. Little did I know, that was causing a lot of disruption in my hormones. I cannot blame all personal care products or the fact that I was using bad chemicals. However, I was diagnosed with extreme preeclampsia at 33 weeks (7.5 months into the pregnancy).

(This picture was at around 31 weeks during my first pregnancy, you can see how my face and hands are extremely swollen. Also, notice how Nicol and I have fried hair as well)

I remember thinking to myself. Why me? Why did I have to go through this. I had a check up with my doctor that week and I was doing so bad the doctor sent me directly to the hospital. That day I was told, I was having a baby. I was scared for my baby’s life, as all the medications kept lowering his heart rate. I was told, I was having an emergency c-section and it was life or death. He was born safely, but rushed to the NICU and I couldn’t experience even holding my baby for a few seconds. I was heart broken. After I delivered him, I was scared for my own life. I had blood clots and a lot of bleeding after delivery. I had to go back to the operating room and even had to get a blood transfusion because my hemoglobins were so low. I’m not sure if all of this could have been prevented. Maybe it could’ve been, however, when I was discharged without my baby ( he was in the NICU) I told God I needed a change in my life. I was not sure what it was then, but I needed to find the answer as to why this happened to me. My boy, was the wake up call I needed to change my life. 

With my baby boy after starting my curly hair transition
(The beginning of my mom adventure with my boy as well as the beginning of my curly hair transition)

I also wanted to help others or perhaps share my story so there could be more preeclampsia awareness. Coincidentally, I was introduced to the curly life style by my sister Nicol right around the time I had my son. I started to learn about curly hair and how to use products to help with my transition.

The more I learned, the more interested I was in the ingredients in those products. We started to do research and make natural concoctions at home. From there a whole world of clean beauty opened up for me. I changed everything, deodorant, soaps, hair products, cleaning supplies, the list goes on. It was so interesting to me, I enrolled myself in a natural formulations class.

(Me working on our formulations at home, this was the first successful leave in cream, after a lot of trial and error)
(Me working on our formulations at home, this was the first successful leave in cream, after a lot of trial and error)

 I earned a certification and started to mix products at home. From there, Nicol and I knew we wanted to learn more and bring clean natural products to our local community. From there, the journey has been quite exciting and we can’t wait to share more. Fast forward 4 years later, I was pregnant again with my second baby, a baby girl. My pregnancy was completely different.

(The picture above is me, during my second pregnancy exactly at 33 weeks)

I thank my doctors for taking care of me and helping me through the entire pregnancy, especially during a pandemic. However, I also like to give credit to my new natural lifestyle and getting rid of toxic personal care products from my life. I had a successful natural delivery after having a c-section the first pregnancy and gave birth to a heathy baby girl. 

My baby girl March 17, 2021
(My baby girl March 17, 2021)

My dream is to help women around the world to Live Fearlessly Natural and to believe in clean beauty. With DN Organics, we want to instill confidence by using natural and effective Products. Are you ready to make the change?

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Cory Dahlia

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