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Why we don't use coconut oil in our products

We love reading and researching new up-and-coming ingredients online. There are tons of articles sharing the latest trends and benefits for hair care. When we first started to formulate our styling products, our top curly hair care concerns were the following:

  • Simpler routine (why we only have two styling products)
  • Ingredients that don’t weigh down curls
  • Long lasting results, frizz free curls and clean and safe ingredients

We accomplished this by formulating with ingredients known in skin care instead of just looking at trends. We started to experiment with lighter oils like marula oil and sunflower oil. We also looked at powerful extracts like hibiscus flower, carrot, and quinoa known for their anti-frizz and anti-breakage benefits.

We wanted a thick consistency without the heavy, greasy, and sticky feeling you get with other products. So how did we do this? We formulated with less water and more good stuff. We also did not follow the norm. We stayed away from coconut oil (Yes, we know everyone uses it), shea butter (yup, another one) and PEGs. Why? because we realized these ingredients were not nourishing in the long run. They give you a temporary look that coats your hair and gives you doubtful results that may last for a day. Hence, why we always say, less is more when you are styling your curls with DN Organics. Oh, and yes, use lots of water, because we reduced the amount of water in our formulations, we figured you had that at home.

For many of you, the products last much longer than other products you have tried in the past. Our mission is to change how curly hair products are designed and formulated. We deserve and are worthy of quality products. That's what happens when curly people formulate the products. Along the way, we discovered that many of you who have allergies to coconut oil and even shea butter. It made us even more proud to innovate and change how curly products are created. Let’s make it clear, not all our ingredients are 100% natural, but we do use ingredients proven by science to work best. We did the work, so our products are safe and effective.

Next time you use our products, know we thought about you and how it would make you feel. The best gift you can give us is sharing about them with friends and family, so more people can try them and see the benefits for themselves. Gracias Familia. You are all the best!

Cory and Nicol

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