Hola 👋 , We're DN Organics

We are Cory Dahlia and Nicol Varona, sister-preneurs, and the founders of DN Organics. We created DN Organics to empower women with hair care products with their health in mind.

We help women transform their lives by instilling confidence in their natural beauty. Our own curly hair transition and health concerns inspired us to create clean and affordable hair products. 

We want you to take control of your health by using natural products and encourage you to spend less time perfecting your hair and more time enjoying life.

It's time to #LiveFearlesslyNatural


Our Story



Cory Dahlia Varona-Corniel


Hi there, I’m Cory Dahlia, the co-founder of DN Organics. I am a God fearing wife, a new mom of two and a lover of wine, fall and all things natural. A proud PSU MBA and undergrad alumni with a degree in Accounting (WE ARE). I treasure time exploring new places and spending time with family.

After I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia during my first pregnancy. I feared for my son and my life. This was a turning point that made me realize LIFE could be taken away in a matter of seconds. After having my son, I thanked God and made a promise to live a PURPOSEFUL life that would inspire others to be the best version of themselves.

With a newborn, I had no time on my hands; I was inspired by my sister who had just commitment herself to revive her natural hair. I joined her and together we started to discover a world beyond the common products without sulfates, silicones and parabens. And that's how DN Organics was born. Our mission is to help women take care of their health by using natural products and encourage them to spend less time perfecting their hair and more time enjoying life. It's time to #LiveFearlesslyNatural.


Nicol Varona Cancelmo


Hi friends, I’m Nicol (yes no e) and I am the co-founder and other half of DN Organics. I am a new mama, lover of curls, summertime and tacos. I love to discover new places with my husband and adventure partner Alfonso and our daughter, Chiara.‍ I graduated from Penn State University (WE ARE) with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Spanish.‍

In 2016, I moved out on my own and completely changed my way of living to a simpler and cleaner lifestyle. After getting my first curly girl haircut I shared my transition journey with my sister, Cory, and both of us joined forces in our newfound passion for healthy hair. We learned there was much more than sulfates, silicones and parabens affecting hair care and saw a need to share this newfound knowledge more openly.‍ 

My dream is to make CLEAN BEAUTY accessible to everyone all over the world and it all starts with one small change at a time. I’m proud to create a brand that is HONESTLY CLEAN and inspires others to be the best version of themselves with small but impactful changes in their lives.‍‍

Our goal is to offer women quality products made with clean ingredients at an affordable price.

Cory and Nicol