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Best Leave In Conditioner ever !!!

I love the way this leave-in conditioner defines my curls and leaves my hair feeling nice and soft and bouncy with out getting frizzy … Thank you so much ladies for making this product:)

Thank you so much for your review Walesca! You have been a our number one supporter since day one


I’m dominican, I’ve lived in US for 35 yrs now, used most known leave in conditioner out in the market, NOTHING ever works for my hair until now. U girls are heavens sent! Ty so much!

This review made us tear up! Thank you so much Alison your kind words mean the world to us.

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Cynthia Heredia
Love it 😍

I like the way it made my daughter’s hair feel and look hydrated for hours. And also liked that I didn’t need to use a lot of the product.

So happy to hear Cynthia yes our less is more approach works wonders. Your daughter looks beautiful embracing her curls.

Still trying to figure it out

I know that the products have a lot to offer from your company, but I am still learning on how much product and water to use. I am sure once I get the perfect consistency it will be a game changer :)

Works Wonders

Your leave in and gel helps hold , yet stays soft and frizz free for days! Love and will be a continued buyer! Not only does it work in my hair, but also My daughter's hair . Her hair would get tangled and dry just by looking at it. Now, She can comb through her hair herself and won't let me buy any other product! # nomoretangles #workswonders

Styling Gel 10/10 but leave in 2/10

Styling Gel
Really good product, not heavy at all and after 3 days my hair still looks good!

Leave in BAD

Jose - we are so happy you enjoyed the styling gel. We take our reviews very seriously, we would love to hear your feedback as to why you did not enjoy the leave in as much. Our reviews are our greatest accomplishment and we strive to provide an excellent customer service. If you would not mind, could you please email us hola@dnorganics.com explaining why you did not like the leave in. Again, we appreciate your feedback and hope we can hear from you to do better in the future.

Thank you,
Cory and Nicol

Happy with Curls

DN organics curl gel is amazing. Leaves curls soft and fluffy. About time, curl gel that doesn’t dry and break curly hair.
thank you ladies

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Nancy Pena
Awesome product

Love the leave in and just tried the Gel and absolutely love it. Worked beautifully on my daughter and sons hair

Amazing Moisture and Shine

I love this leave-in and so do my curls. The Ultra-Defined Curls Leave-In Cream leaves my hair so moisturized, and soft with incredible shine.

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Lizbeth Cintron
t Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle?

Amazing products leaves my hair with great shine and looking healthy and they smell amazing 😍totally recommend

Great Product

Just a small amount needed. Left my hair soft and shiny

Curl specialist in love with this brand!!!

I am the owner of a curl-focused salon in Bryn Mawr Pa. I’ve specialized in the curly-girl method and have been working exclusively with curls since 2004! Needless to say I have tried almost every curly product out there and this gel and leave-in is by far our favorite! It can be used on any curl pattern and adds incredible shine and definition without feeling crunchy or leaving a residue. If you have curly hair, you need this in your line-up! Thanks DN-Organics!

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Never tried anything this good before

I’m so impressed with these products, it left my hair shiny, defined and soft. Exactly what I have been looking for all my life. Just buy it, trust me.

The best products that I have ever used!

I have never had a product to make my hair look so healthy and curly! These are amazing products!!!

Loved it

Definitely enjoyed the sample I am going to purchase!

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Kat Cowan

The leave-in created impressive definition in my easily weighed down curls. It left my curls, super defined and with volume. I did like the gel however, I did notice that it is more of a light hold gel. If a light hold gel is what you are looking for then this will be a great option for you. I had the best wash day when I used the ultra-defined leave-in with my favorite strong hold gel from another brand. My curls lasted for days! My favorite product of the two is definitely the leave-in. OBSESSED.

Styling gel

Awesome product!

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Elizabeth Garcia
Very impressed

Have to say that I was hesitant at the beginning to try the product because I have tried everything and nothing has worked on my hair to make it curly for more than 10 minutes lol. I’m happy to say that it has lasted so far all day and my curls are looking good for me :)

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Christine Lewis

I love the leave in conditioner and styling gel. I only need a little bit and my hair looks and feels very healthy!

Love it

Dries soft and beautifully yet holds

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Autumn Fichthorn

absolutely love the products

It worked! It hold my curls!

I tried the sample with my usually frizzy and thick curly hair (2c on top section of my hair and 2A on the bottom section). I’ve been having trouble finding a product that lasts throughout the day without getting my hair frizzy and weighting it down. I haven’t seen my hair looked so curly in a long time! Definitely gonna get the full size and share it with my family. The hair diffuser really helps to get best results.

Ultra-Defined Curls Leave-In Cream
Danielle Gingrich hav
Bouncy defined curls!

Never have I received so many compliments about my curls as I have since starting these products!! I have the best results when I use the leave in cream combined with the gel. I apply them wet, let my hair air dry almost completely and then I blow it dry without a diffuser and any frizz that remains I touch up with the gel. It takes very little effort now for me to achieve bouncy, defined curls!

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle

I love this bundle. It leaves my curls hydrated and bouncy!
I will definately be purchasing again.

Ultra-Defined Leave-in and Styling Gel Bundle
Cassandra Morris
Amazing products and fast shipping

My order was shipped the same day I ordered. Love the gel and the crème, keeps my curls so soft, defined and not at all frizzy. I just mix the two products together and apply to my soaking wet hair and get perfect results every time. I will always recommend these products to anyone with curly hair :)