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For non-order related inquiries and additional questions please feel free to email us at hola@dnorganics.com
For any order related inquiries send us an email at support@dnorganics.com 


Our Brand

Where is DN Organics based and where are the products manufactured? DN Organics is based in Reading, PA. Our products are manufactured in Pennsylvania in an FDA registered and inspected facility that utilizes cGMP protocols.
What makes DN Organics formulas different from other natural hair care brands? Our ingredients are naturally sourced with a commitment to create quality non-toxic products. Our formulas are all vegan, cruelty free, gluten-free, and free of silicones, harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, formaldehyde,PEGs (
polyethylene glycols) synthetic dyes and fragrances. Hay mi madre that was a tongue twister 😊 
What does DN Organics mean? DN stands for Dahlia Nicole and it is a combination of our founder's names - Cory Dahlia and Nicol.


Online Ordering 

If you have questions about your order, credit charges or returns and refunds please contact us at support@dnorganics.com. Please also see our returns and refunds policy.​


Do you offer free shipping? Yes, we do. Orders totaling 65+ enjoy free shipping in the US. Use Promo Code: FREESHIPPING. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount code.
What credit cards are accepted? Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal are all accepted methods of payments.
Do you ship internationally? We currently ship to CANADA. With other countries added soon. Please sign up to our newsletter to know when other countries will be added to our internationally shipping.
Do you have sample sizes? Yes, we do and they are free! YAY 😀  just pay for the shipping cost.
Who can I contact if I have questions about credit charges, my order, or returns and refunds?
If you have questions about your order, credit charges or returns and refunds please contact us at support@dnorganics.com. Please also see our returns and refunds policy. 


Our Ingredients and Products

Where can I find a full list of ingredients?
Check out our “Ingredients” tab for a full list of ingredients we love. Also see a list of unquestionably NOT allowed ingredients for a list of ingredients we avoid in our formulas.
What preservatives are in your formulas? We use a blend of Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate and Calcium Gluconate. Both Gluconolactone and Calcium Gluconate are derived from non-GMO corn 🌽  and Sodium Benzoate is the salt of benzoic acid, although is synthetically derived, is a gentle alternative to formulations and acceptable for use across many natural standards.
Are your products scented? Yes, we wanted to have a pleasant soft scent but making sure all of our scents were 100% Natural and Phthalates free. Our sent is based on a blend of tart grapefruit, sweet orange and sour lemon.
Are your products tested on animals? All of our formulas are vegan and cruelty free, tested only by our founders, friends and family.
Are your products vegan? All of our formulas are plant based/ vegan.
Are your products gluten-free?
All of our formulas are gluten free.
Does your products contain any nuts or coconut ingredients. Our available products are not formulated with nuts or coconut ingredient. However, is important to note, our products are manufactured in a facility that does use nuts and coconut ingredients. Everything is safely sanitized for each product but we cannot control cross contamination.
What is the shelf life of your products? Each DN Organics product has a 24 month shelf life when unopened. After opening our products it maintain freshness within 12 months.
Where can I find your products? DN Organics products can be found online and in some authorized retailers/salons, please reference our retail locations tab. We do not sell to unauthorized retailers.
Are your products safe for kids? Yes, absolutely. Our products are safe for the whole family.  In addition, having a 100% natural fragrance makes our products safer for kids. Fragrances are usually where most toxic ingredients are hidden.
Are your products safe for color treated hair? Yes, our products are color safe.